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VoIP Phone Solution

Designed For Your Business Communication Needs.

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VoIP Solution For Enterprise

Help Your Team Communicate From Anywhere

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VoIP Solution For Call Centers

Engage Customers And Manage Call Campaigns

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Designed to Meet the Needs of Today's Businesses

Businesses are constantly evolving. A current and prevalent scenario is the need to be reachable from anywhere and allow your team members to communicate from multiple locations. VoIP solution from Tele Touch Solutions is tailored to your needs.

Boost Productivity

Connect desk phones, mobile phones, PCs, and a CRM system into one network to unify communications.


Eliminate the need for server rooms or outdated office equipments.

Great Customer Service

With smart routing and a virtual assistant, you can reduce hold times and direct calls to the appropriate team member.

About Us

Tele Touch Solutions delivers SMBs, Enterprises, and Contact Centers with turnkey solutions that take into consideration clients' unique needs within a very cost-effective framework by combining the finest of open standards telephony and a suite of Telecoms Management Software. This blend combines the finest of royalty-free software, thriving open-source communities, and readily available bespoke development, all backed by responsible and professional support services, with commercially programmed management tools. It's both justified and supported, so it's a safe bet for any company.

Our Products

Switch to a dependable VoIP unified communication solution for your business to simplify your communications and take your company to greater heights with advanced features.

Business Phone System

A multiline telephone system used in corporate situations for improved...

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Cloud Contact Centre

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IVR Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting (also known as phone broadcasting or message broadcasting)...

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Our Solutions

We offer many services to progress!

Professional Services

See why professionals need a comprehensive platform to...

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Call Center

Prioritize customers and understand their challenges using effective...

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Enable healthcare professionals to build an excellent rapport...

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One stop-shop to deliver exceptional services through a...

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Financial Services

Offer a security-oriented and reliable client experience on...

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An all-in-one cloud powered solution that aids in...

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  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    A business telephone system has multiple telephone lines that are commonly used in a business setting. Based on the particular requirements of each business, it contains systems ranging from a few telephones to Private Branch Exchange (PBX).
    PBX is a scalable PBX system that supports classic telephony as well as new VOIP technologies. To make external phone calls, users share a number of outside lines. Users can also make local calls to each other. PBX offers many additional features, such as: Ring groups, Conferences, Interactive Voice Reponses, Queues, Voicemail boxes, Realtime monitoring, Call recordings.
    A Business Phone system, unlike standard PBX systems, does not require metal connectors to function. They use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), a technology that allows systems to communicate electronically over the internet. Your analogue voice conversations are transformed into data packets in the cloud and may be routed to any location/smart device with a sufficient internet connection via VOIP. One or more SIP/VoIP phones, as well as a VoIP Gateway, make up PBX. Clients and software or hardware-based phones connect to the PBX server and may then make calls. PBX maintains a database of all phones/users and their associated addresses, and it may connect internal calls or route external calls via a VoIP gateway or a VoIP service provider. A business phone system, helps businesses interact with their consumers, but with superior cloud-based technology, allowing organizations to grow.
    • Firm phone systems enable business branch offices to interact effortlessly utilizing VoIP capabilities, which cuts phone costs and time while also allowing users to reach faraway coworkers via extension numbers.
    • The Business Phone System effortlessly develops conference bridges between workers on a local or remote (international) level, saving time and potential trip costs.
    • Calls may be diverted to employee mobile phones, giving them greater flexibility, mobility, and time to improve company performance. This immediately saves time and money.
    • Users may quickly walk through the settings using PBX's browser-based system administration. As a result, it saves a lot of time and money on system maintenance, technical support, training, and other things. The use of VoIP will drastically reduce the cost of telephone communication.