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Business Phone System

A multiline telephone system used in corporate situations for improved call handling is referred to as a business phone system. It has several useful features, such as fixed dialing, phone recording, internet faxing, ring groups, call transfers, conference calls, call metering and accounting, private and shared voice message boxes, and receiving calls from overseas consumers at a low cost. etc., to help improve company communication, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency. Such systems provide your company with a professional image, follow privacy standards, and keep you linked to the rest of the world, with no geographic restrictions. Whether you’re at home or on the road, our phone system ensures that you can still coordinate all of your company operations as needed. We can assist you at every step of your company’s development!

Unlock the Power of a Business Phone System

Revolutionize. Reconnect. Anywhere. Anytime. Never Miss a Business Lead & Work Smart with VoIP.


Let’s grab some attention as to what businesses do to upgrade their old telecommunication systems in favor of this new method of handling internal and external communications.

What characterizes Business phone systems from the tried-and-true on-premise alternatives? Consider these top-notch factors:

Dial like never before

We know you hate manual dialing. Don’t let the calls go unattended. Get Tele Touch Solutions super cool dialling functions that ensure you are efficiently handling all the calls from your customers. Get smart VoIP services for your company. Save time & Work like a pro!

Toggle power play

We provide you with a wide variety of telephone providers to choose from before placing a call. You can put an end to all connection troubles right away! We give you the flexibility that best caters to your demands. Access to local and international toll-free lines to make it easier for overseas clients to contact your company for sales and support.

Worldwide link up

There is a definite chance to gain success by knowing the optimal time to call your international clients. We assist you to avoid blunders by giving you details of time zones, country, date, and validity of the numbers before you dial to match the caller ID. Drive high-volume outbound calls to multiple locations according to pre-determined rules, assuring that no call remains unanswered.

Call forwarding

Forward all incoming calls to a different phone number whenever you choose! After business hours, don’t worry about complaints or losing business as you can reroute the call to your number or through a series of phones, all without your caller’s knowledge. All of this without incurring excessive long-distance charges. That’s amazing!

Call transfer

Worried that queries may pop up that are outside your expertise? One top solution- transfer connected calls from your phone number to a team member. Redirect connected calls from your phone number to a team member from an appropriate department member to improve customer happiness and save time for the company.

Call conference

Collaboration is key. Achieve your instant actions, brainstorm, generate ideas and discuss from your own comfort zones. Join calls immediately to get better results. Align your coworkers and clients.

Call queuing

Having a tight-packed day ahead? You can keep clients engaged with tailored messages during rush hour like a pro. If you have high call volumes, do not hesitate at all! Customers are promptly notified of delays if any, as their calls have been queued.

Call barging

From anywhere in the globe, you may listen to the calls live. You can also advise your agents and provide better answers to customers’ problems. That’s quite an impressive tool from Tele tech!

Call recording

You may have often heard this recorded tone while contacting a service center. Incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and saved. Then go over these requests for quality assurance, performance appraisal, employee feedback, annual reviews, liability protection, and more.

Voice mail

Address your callers with unique voicemail messages. Undoubtedly, this leaves a big brand impact on customers. Having a different voicemail for every number helps tackle complaints smoothly. Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and IBM Watson are integrated with PBX’s voicemail system (STT). Transcripts of your voicemail messages will be emailed to you in text format.

Call analytics

Want to track variations in employees’ performances? Want to monitor areas for improvements? It’s way easy now! Tele Touch Solutions helps you to do a better ‘SWOT analysis’ of your staff, find out who called and when, the total and average call time, the number of answered and missed calls, and more by looking at the statistics for your extensions. Use the graphs to visualize your call statistics data in a clear and understandable way.

On hold music

Everyone gets frustrated with the mundane on-hold music while they are on hold or being transferred. This feature has an exciting technique that keeps your callers happy and interested. What’s more, you can even tune in your personalized messages for your customers.


Use the PBX application programming interface to connect your apps to PBX. It’s simple, powerful, and safe (API). By using the HTTP protocol, you may have access to Extensions, Trunks, DIDs, Ring Groups, IVRs, and more.

CRM and VoIP integration allows for extended capabilities

A Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) is a centralized hub for all of your customer data. It’s key for any business as it allows you to work from a single place with everything you need, thus boosting business performance across all facets of your business. PBX Business integrates with the most popular business apps, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Vtiger, Pipedrive, SuiteCRM, Hubspot, etc. Integrating VoIP this way gives way to a virtual receptionist, so to speak. That’s fantastic!