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B.Com – FinTech


Banks and Fintechs have grown so dependent on each other that it is difficult for one to function without the other. Fintech has merged with the financial services industry, working closely with banks. This has increased the demand for banking and fintech professionals who can handle the demands of this new-emerging confluence.
Our B.Com in Banking and FinTech dual-specialization program focuses on equipping you with the skills needed to thrive in the banking and fintech world. You will be introduced to emerging technologies like APIs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and advanced banking tools. After the completion of the program, you can either continue with further studies like M.Com or MBA or work in sectors like banking, insurance, finance, auditing, or accountancy.


  • Get hands-on experience to grasp an understanding of the highly dynamic financial industry.
  • O Learn advanced concepts of banking and fintech industry using business cases.
  • Obtain insights into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency concepts.
  • Understand how the challenges of implementing fintech solutions can be overcome
  • Learn the usage of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts


Check list

Candidates who have passed Class 12th/PUCHSC from any stream are eligible for Admission to B.Com
Program.The candidate has to fulfill all the prescribed admission requirements/norms of the Institute / AICTE / UGC.

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