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Call Center

Prioritize customers and understand their challenges using effective call campaigns.

Providing your company with all of the tools to run a comprehensive contact center

Tele Touch Solutions realizes that contact centers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we understand the challenges our clients encounter, therefore we prioritize these issues while working with you. The quality of tools may save significant resources by every passing minute, for large professional Contact Centers that manage many distinct campaigns. However, the style and structure of the workflow, as well as the placement of employees, are frequently the most important factors. Costs can quickly grow when there are a high number of customers, especially when utilizing ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and billing per minute.

Contact Centre Edition

Our Contact Centre Edition was created to help busy call centers and contact centers of all sizes simplify and improve call management. With extensive data, reporting, and monitoring, we can provide your company with all it needs to start and run inbound call campaigns efficiently.


A completely configurable licensed Dialer function comes included with the Contact Centre Edition. This feature enables for the loading of data lists into a database, after which an application runs and calls the numbers based on the algorithm or parameters supplied by the Administrator. The Dialer’s Agent interface shows Agents precise details on each call. Campaigns are used to administer Dialer. Every Campaign has a list of Leads and Agents who work with them (members). A Campaign is responsible for phoning Leads and connecting them to Agents or other destinations. An Administrator, like in Queue, has a number of options for how a Campaign handles dialing and bridging.

Real time agent monitoring

This feature guarantees that your contact center crew is efficient, productive, and constantly provides exceptional customer service, which is what every business needs to succeed. You may listen in on a live call and spot problems fast by utilizing the “Monitor” option. You may utilize the “Whisper” option to communicate with the agent without the caller noticing, or “Call Barge” to speak with the agent and the caller simultaneously while listening.

Contact Centre PBX Wallboard

Contact Center PBX Wallboards deliver real-time information to all of your agents. The data is given in an easy-to-read format that aids in the measurement of call centre performance. Agents may stay updated about all call center activity while focusing on their individual work thanks to wallboards. It is critical to have complete visibility into your team’s performance. Not just to guarantee that KPIs are met, but also to help with training and mentoring.

Unlimited Queues (ACD)

By directing incoming calls to the representative with the most appropriate skill set who can adequately meet the caller’s needs, the Automatic Call Distribution system helps to keep consumers on the line. ACD is a crucial part of a call center’s and communication system’s operation. Priority Routing, First In – First Out (FIFO), Queue Call-back, Call Monitor, Call Barging, and other features are just a few of the features available.

Monitor Pages

Users may view a comprehensive list of all existing Campaigns on the system and get more information on critical Real-Time statistics by visiting the Campaigns Monitor page. A table with three primary sections called Calls, Agents, and Contacts is displayed to users. For better organisation, these three components are then separated into multiple subsections, making it totally user-friendly.

Queue Statistics and Reports

Real-time queue statistics provide you with a detailed view of agent activity and traffic, including inbound and outbound calls, missed calls, occupancy, availability, queue inbound answered and unanswered calls, and total calls. You may use a graph to graphically show the reports, or you can export them as PDF or CSV files.

Improve Service Quality

You can track call activity in real time and produce appropriate data with the PBX Contact Center version, which can boost your business efficiency. Different sorts of reports, such as Daily, Monthly, and Extension Reports, are available. Each report may be further sorted by Datetime Range, Caller, Trunk, Duration, and other criteria.

IVR Statistics

The IVR statistics report provides you with a complete breakdown of how your consumers interact with an IVR menu. IVR Calls per Option, IVR Calls, and IVR Calls per Called Number are the three sorts of reports available right now. Date Range, IVR, Called Number, Caller ID, and Destination are all filters that may be applied to each report.