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Services Details

Financial Services

Offer a security-oriented and reliable client experience on any device.

Bring together your complete team.

Underwriters, agents, claims, and customer service are all connected in one place, thanks to integrated team messaging, meetings, and phone calls.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

We, at Tele Touch Solutions, focus on improving communications by combining all of the necessary elements into a single solution. Teams will have access to all of the resources they require to increase efficiency, rationalize choices, and provide the best possible service to customers.

Dealing with consumers in a hassle-free manner? We’ve got your back.

We help you deliver solid bottom lines, mobilize your team, and deliver a positive experience for your consumers and members.

Expert assistance on the go.

Calls are routed based on service requirements, and important financial apps are connected to offer clients real-time information. Tele Touch Solutions ensures that your customers have a consistent experience in the branch, online, and elsewhere.

Maintain uniformity in all sites.

Operate core sites while establishing and supporting regional offices using multi-site functionalities and unique call flow controls.

Every transaction is secured to bank-level standards.

Protect consumer and corporate data against security and compliance breaches, and give your customers the highest degree of data protection possible.

Communications platform

Insurance firms, banks, crowdfunding platforms, and money transfer providers are all adopting programmable communications to provide a flexible and compelling customer experience that is tailored to the client’s preferences, all while maintaining security.

  • Use two-factor verification to confirm each customer’s identity for privacy assurance, and use encrypted live video consultations to provide advice to consumers.
  • Maintain context and consistency across channels with appealing dialogues, resulting in a better overall experience.
  • Every customer encounter should include authentication, automatic notifications, voice, video, and customer analytics.
  • Talk to clients across social chat applications and SMS, allowing you to engage with them on their chosen channel.