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Enable healthcare professionals to build an excellent rapport with patients, in real-time.

Empower your healthcare organization to deliver the best care possible and reimagine patient convenience.

An effective and well-functioning telecommunications system will be the foundation for providing a high level of care to your patients while also enhancing staff productivity. Tele Touch Solutions links medical specialists with patients in real-time, from any location and on any device, to offer major healthcare experiences and pave the door for better healthcare options. When those areas are operating together, it’s no coincidence that your profitability will increase.

The Medical Industry Is Changing

Tele Touch Solutions, as a cloud-based communication platform with experienced specialists, offers high-end security for your corporate communications, which can also be adjusted to comply with HIPAA laws.

Carehome Technology

Telephony and internet, which are the lifeblood of a care facility, are some of the most common complaints we hear after interacting with and working with several of them.

  • In some areas of your Care Home, cordless / DECT phones are disappearing.
  • In certain locations, landline telephones are not readily available.
  • Identify places that are weak or unresponsive.
  • There aren’t enough phone lines to handle normal demand.
  • Your present phone system is becoming more obsolete and unreliable.

Tele Touch Solutions Contribution towards Carehome Technology

Communication and amenities are important factors in deciding on a care facility because good communication equals good service. A considerably more enticing care home concept may be created by providing a workable technology environment for staff, residents, and visitors. For example- up to 70% of ongoing expenditures can be saved and reduces risk by providing unrestricted access to digital medical assistance on any device.

Efficiencies in Motion

HD audio, fax, team messaging, and video meetings may all aid in the optimization of an organization’s communication infrastructure. By allowing employees and patients to access all features in one place, Telemedicine may take things to new heights. The team will increase efficiency and make the decision-making process easier.

The future of telecommunications in healthcare and the advantages of switching

If you can get those areas to operate together, it’s no surprise that your profitability will increase. Using extensive analytics and instant messaging, reduce rejections and act at the appropriate moment. Reduce member dropout by using a contemporary contact center to provide self-service choices and same-agent assistance.