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An all-in-one cloud powered solution that aids in maximizing service quality.

Communication Solutions for Industrial/Distribution Sector

Give your freight and distribution clients access to and real-time updates from your carrier services on any device, and delight them. You also have a plethora of channels to choose- our voice, SMS, chat, video, and social media options.

Tele Touch Solutions contribution towards the Distribution and Industrial sector:

  • With programmable solutions like social media customer service, you may automate shipping and delivery alerts across a wide range of social chat applications.
  • With easy IVR and customer care SMS messages, you may reschedule deliveries or organize a full refund using AI, social chat applications, and chatbots.
  • With two-factor authentication, spam identification and step-up verification, phone number confirmation, and private voice conversations, drivers and consumers will have a safer transportation experience.

Contact centers

Client loyalty is the most valuable commodity you have.

Tele Touch Solutions Contact Center, with its cloud-based telephony, directs sales and service excellence to their final goal, offers you control over your data, and puts the customer journey in the spotlight:

  • Call recording, geographical display, automatic call logging, monitoring, and a dialer are just a few of the functions available.
  • Identify peak call hours and make sure that personnel is available.
  • Trace incoming calls and provide real-time feedback to learners.
  • To maintain company continuity, assign agents to several areas in the event of an emergency.