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Under Graduation

B.Com – Banking & Finance


Banking and Finance are two essential components needed for the smooth functioning of any business.
While banking deals with the analysis and interpretation of financial data, finance deals with the monetary aspects of the organization. Thus, this sector is ever-growing, with the demand for banking and finance professionals constantly rising.
Our B.Com in Banking and Finance dual-specialization program focuses on the fundamentals of banking and finance practices.
Our program also helps to learn the technical skills and procedures associated with financial analysis and banking standards. Upon completion, you can get hired in banks, stock exchanges, educational institutes, auditing offices, consulting firms, etc., as a Business Analyst, Risk Analyst, Accounting Associate, Financial Analyst, Bank operations executive, Executive Assistant, etc.


  • Build a strong foundation of the principles and practices of Banking and Finance.
  • Get professionally trained in investment analysis and management, banking, auditing, consulting, and financial management.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of banking and financial theories and practices, such as strategic investment, taxation, pensions, reporting standards, etc.
  • Become competent in areas such as auditing, financial accounting, management accounting, preparing financial statements, etc.
  • O Develop a thorough knowledge of advanced courses like financial modeling, risk management and derivatives


Check list

Candidates who have passed Class 12th/PUCHSC from any stream are eligible for Admission to B.Com Program.The candidate has to fulfill all the prescribed admission requirements/norms of the Institute / AICTE / UGC.

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