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Under Graduation

BBA – Logistics Management


BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides you with the fundamental knowledge of logistics and supply chain business operations, including planning, execution, and control of seamless, continuous, and consistent flow of goods.
A substantial amount of money is spent by companies to move men and materials effectively and efficiently.
Our BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course will help you develop a strong foundation in core courses across disciplines like marketing, economics, finance, etc. On completion, you can be hired by various public and private organizations, including shipping companies, ports and harbors, road transportation firms, and logistics companies in profiles of Logistic Managers, Supply Chain Planning Executives, Inventory Control Executive, Warehouse Executive and so on.


  • Build a strong foundation on the principles and practices of logistics and supply chain strategy
  • Laying importance on global supply chains and understanding the current trends in logistics
  • Get a solid grip on emerging technologies in logistics and Supply Chain management
  • Gain business mastery with a blend of management courses and logistics and supply chain management
  • Understand the inner workings of a business and gain skills and knowledge of logistics management.


Check list

Candidates who have passed Class 12th/PUCHSC from any stream are eligible for Admission to BBA
Programs.The candidate has to fulfill all the prescribed admission requirements/norms of the Institute / AICTE / UGC.

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